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Guillermo Aymerich


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  1. [PDP] skin pantone, 2004. salvador de bahia

    50 x 35 cm - 19.68 x 13.77 in

  2. 137 different names are recorded in the brazilian social miscegenation for the color of the skin.

    thus this series has 37+1 portraits, being the one an albino girl- the no color.

    this is the first layer, just strokes of black ink. next step is cover with oil painting following a chromatic order from white to black, from albino through diverse shades to "retinto" (double painted) or blue-black skin.

    portraits will have its own pantone color specification, in each case.  

  3. ana itaparica

    ana itaparica

  4. fernanda


  5. odete


  6. cleider


  7. patrian


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