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Guillermo Aymerich


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  1. [ENP] the painter kid, 2020. ares
    drawing record/beach sand

    43°25'17.9"N 8°14'37.0"W

    an octo-biopic:

    once the forced home-lockdown finished due pandemic, we escaped from the capital looking for expansion at Nature in the small and sparsely populated fishing village of Ares-GALICIA.

    we exchanged seclusion for seaboard, copious interior delicacies for nourishing seashore.

    in this approaching to the coast we discovered a precious adaptable system full of life: Atlantic cliffs, plenty of tidal pool, any types of algae, tough halophyte plants, wader birds, crabs, sea snails, blenny fishes and octopuses... roaming freely.

    our first coasting route involved 16 days choosing low tide hours to interdital spreading (in situ) the octopus that we previously ate in the city after collating his structure/shape in the books.

    8 is the fortune number in China: 8 records of 8 octopus during 8 days.

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