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  1. [JVT] java travelogue: transference, 2019. java timur

    14 x 8,75 cm 5.51 x 3.4 in each

    coffee on plants, ubiquitous greenery, asian pygmy date palm, lipstick palm blot, topping wayang topeng, ground on sanctuary, accessory monkey guava tree, bunga telang pigeonwings, sulphur crested cockatoo, flyy batik crafter, among female generations, spirally buzz, sat threshold pinnacles, showy spread stalk, tiny multi-armed, bloodleaf gizzards, perennial overlapping , colonial interior, asiatic deco, translucent indian cigar, savory gunungan, wayang golek, ensemble gamelan, transfer, transferal, transference…

    phoenix roebelenii, cyrtostachys renda, anacardium occidentale, clitoria ternatea, rhododendron gumineense, nelumbo nucifera, iresine herbstii, canna indica, paulownia tomentosa…

  2. 378。SURABAYA. ink/paper

    378。SURABAYA. ink/paper

  3. 375。SURABAYA. arabica coffee/paper

    375。SURABAYA. arabica coffee/paper

  4. 372。MALANG. ink, acrylic/paper

    372。MALANG. ink, acrylic/paper

  5. 369。BALEKAMBANG. coffee/paper

    369。BALEKAMBANG. coffee/paper

  6. 367。BALEKAMBANG. ink/paper

    367。BALEKAMBANG. ink/paper

  7. 364。SURAKARTA. ink/paper

    364。SURAKARTA. ink/paper

  8. 361。train to YOGYAKARTA. ink/paper

    361。train to YOGYAKARTA. ink/paper

  9. 358。YOGYAKARTA. ink/paper

    358。YOGYAKARTA. ink/paper

  10. 355。YOGYAKARTA. ink/paper

    355。YOGYAKARTA. ink/paper

  11. 351。YOGYAKARTA. sulawesi coffee, ink/paper

    351。YOGYAKARTA. sulawesi coffee, ink/paper

  12. 348。JAKARTA. robusta coffee-sumatra, ink/paper

    348。JAKARTA. robusta coffee-sumatra, ink/paper

  13. 345。JAKARTA. ink/paper

    345。JAKARTA. ink/paper

  14. 342。SURAKARTA. ink/paper

    342。SURAKARTA. ink/paper

  15. 339。YOGYAKARTA. ink/paper

    339。YOGYAKARTA. ink/paper

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